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The name Michon [mi-shawn] means

“Who is like God?”


In the world of today, "Who is like God"  is a common question in the minds of many.  Always remember that you are being watched by this generation because...

“This is the generation of them that seek him…”
Psalms 24:6

In this season of seeking Him, we must have a "Show and Tell" mentality. It is critical for the true worshipers of God, those who believe in a risen Christ, to step forth and be the beacon for this generation not just in words, but in deeds.

This ministry goes beyond the church walls to reconnect the body of Christ and bring forth restoration in all age groups. Our desire is to exchange hits for hugs, replace curses with cures and rebuild all that has been torn down.

To do this we challenge every business, ministry, church and individual to share their gifts and talents by using the most powerful life changing gift God has given us... LOVE.

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