Stop Zero Youth Experience is a Christian youth empowerment social network designed to give young people a "better than now" approach to life.

We are a radical, right now ministry that accepts people for who they are no matter where they’re from or where they've been. We don't condemn and we don't condone but we listen and we love.



Minister Stacey Gallaway

The Mission

To ignite Pittsburgh’s youth to uncover their God-given purpose and to develop their talents for success with their family, peers school and community.

The Vision

We bring youth and caring adults together in a variety of settings that will build a long-term support network.  We build one-on-one group relationships through mentors who are committed to help provide Godly direction and support. Mentors will share their resources and knowledge to help each youth develop their unique talents into marketable skills for the future.  Our desire is that they grow into a frontline of men and women who will stand together for righteousness and build a better future for the next generation.